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My Flaw, My inspiration!

Hello everyone 🙂

Today I’m going to do this a little different: In English. I want to say something to everyone and I’m going to start off with this:


My biggest flaw is the fact that I only have one hand. From the moment people know that, they always treat me in a different kind of way. Or they think it’s sad or they find it nasty. The funny fact is that sometimes people  are more polite than usual. For example. I was going to the store the other day and I was in line waiting my turn, when 2 people let me go first. Not 1 but 2. So sometimes it comes as an advantage. Now that it is summer I don’t wear my prosthetic because it’s to hot and when I tan I have this weird tanline that you really don’t want ^^.

Anyway, of course, like a lot of kids  who are different, I was bullied. But it made me who I am today, so I kind of need to say “thank you, thank you for making me a kind and loving person”. I know, by experience, how hard people can be. But there will always be a person, even if it is just one, who will love you for you and not for what you look like. I have a loving family, a few really good friends and a loving boyfriend. I love them all very much and I want to thank them for everything they’ve done for me over the years. I also had a teacher who was really hard for me but in a good way. She pushed me to do better. She taught me how to swim, how to be good at gymnastics,… I learned that I could do much more than I thought I ever could. I learned to push through. You just need to hold on and think positive and don’t let anyone hurt you! Even when it is hard.

Almost all the nail art designs I do, I do on myself with my little stub. I learned it because I really wanted to. So I think you can do anything if you set your mind to it!

Do you have a flaw that made/makes you stronger?

With this song I want to finish my part:


Thank you for listening (reading) and I’ll see you all next time.



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