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Let’s get personal: How Blogilates gave me my spirit back!

Hello everyone!

Time to get personal again, that means in English. The last time I wrote a blogpost that was this personal, was a long time ago. Almost 3 years ago. In that post I wrote about my flaw, the fact that I only have half an arm. You can read the entire post here.

Today I am talking about it a little and how Bogilates helped me get my spirit back. So let’s get started!

A few months ago I felt really down. For a few years now, I am trying to get my diploma, but I still don’t have anything. I studied for Primary school teacher (2,5 years), secondary school teacher (half a year), orthopedagogics (half a year) and psychology (1 year). I really loved studying for Primary school teacher, but my French and Math were not good enough to teach it to the kids. I made mistakes, with the result that I failed my internship twice in my second year. That means that you have to wait 3 years if you want to try it again. So I tried different studies without any luck. After half a year of trying psychology, my exam results were awful. I wanted to lock myself up and never come out. I felt like a complete failure *Tear drops from the cheek*. So even though I was still registered for the other part of the year, I started going less and less to my classes. Untill I finally didn’t go anymore. There were nights when I cried myself to sleep. For the next month or so, I pushed myself more in a dark hole. I felt not only like a failure in my studies, it started to get personal. I started to hate myself, my body, my mind, my life. *Ok, really need to stop my tears right now* Untill one day I was sick of it. I knew this couldn’t be my life anymore. I had to come out of this negativity.

How did I get out? Well, I am following Blogilates on Facebook/Youtube for a long time now. I’ve started and stopted with the beginners calendar a few times. But I knew I had to start somewhere. So I started with my self image. That was something I lost last, so I thought that that was what I needed to get back first. For you guys out there who don’t know her, her name is Cassey Ho and she is a POP Pilates instructor. When you watch one of her videos, you instantly become infected with her positivity. She is so nice and lights up your day. I told myself to just do it! Don’t think, just do. Don’t think about the times you failed at anything and just go! And that is what I did. I started working out 6 days a week and after 2 weeks I started to see results. That was when I knew I was no longer a failure. I started to feel good again. My energy level was up and my eating started to get healthier too.

After 4 weeks I finished the calendar. Something I have never accomplished before. It felt amazing! In one video, (don’t remember wich one), she had a quote:

Don’t let other people’s accomplishments, be your failures.

And that really spoke to me. Because I did the opposite. I saw my friends graduate, finding jobs, getting married and even having kids. While I hadn’t accomplished anything. So I am trying to take her advise and so far so good.

Sometimes it was hard to stick with it. Because of my disability, I had to find ways to do exercises. So to lengthen my arm I use a rung (I don’t really know if that is the right word for it, but the picture speaks for me) with a piece of a flexible yoga matt taped on it to make it more enjoyable to lean on.

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When you are working out with her, she sometimes asks you what you are wearing on your nails, (and you guys know how much I like nails),so to end this note, I want to thank her by doing a manicure of her new Mermaid collection she designed. It’s super beautiful, feminine and elegant. (If you click on the picture, you will see the complete collection)


-Start of with a base coat and a base color. I used a very light, almost white purple.
-With a sponge I randomly dabt on a purple color (830 Hema), a light blue color (838 Hema), a mint color (53 You Belong To Me), a pink color (55 be awesome tonight) and a white color (38 Hema).
-With a small paintbrush I painted triangles on the bottom of the nails.
The only thing you need to do is apply a top coat to seal in your design and make it shine.

Deze slideshow heeft JavaScript nodig.

Thank you for listening to me and see you next time!


4 gedachten over “Let’s get personal: How Blogilates gave me my spirit back!

  1. Goed bezig! You go girl. Ik zou beter u voorbeeld volgen, mssn dat het voor mij ook wel helpt!
    (Het gras is altijd groener aan de overkant 😉 )

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